Punch and Judy (40-50 minute show)
This show is modified for younger children and is ideal for festivals, farmer’s markets, and street performances.


Punch and Judy (Suitable for ages 5 - 12 years)

Punch and Friends (50 minute show)

An introduction to puppets of the world, including introductions to Indonesian, Balinese, Chinese, Indian Japanese and the traditional English glove style. The show includes a Punch and Judy demonstration.
(Suitable for Primary and Lower Secondary)

Punch and Family (50 minute show)

For the Drama class

An Introduction to the antecedents of Punch and Judy in the Italian performance style of commedia dell’ arte, in particular through the character of Punchinello. This performance includes commedia mask demonstration and Punch and Judy performance.
(Suitable for Drama Years 8 – 10)

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